From Greek mythology, one of the Fates. The gods would spin the web of a person's destiny, and the Fates would carry out the gods' will by laying out the web, and cutting it when the person's life was to end. The three goddesses were called Moirai. They were Clotho (Spinner) who spun the thread of a persons life, Lachesis (Disposer of Lots) who determined the threads length and Atropos (Inflexible) who cut the thread when the person's life was to end. In modern Greek mythology, the Moirai will appear on the third night after a child is born and direct the course of its life. In Roman mythology, the Parcae (Fates) were Nona, Morta and Decuma. In French mythology, the Fates were called Parques. The Norse mythology called the Fates Norns. They were named Urth or Urd who was the past, Verthandi or Verdandi who was the present and Skuld who was the future. The Egyptians called the Fates the god Shai.

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